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Solvent Printing
Eco Solvent Printing
Graphic Design

Banner, Bunting, Backdrop, Billboard

1200dpi,300gsm,380gsm, Vinyl Flex, Tarpaulin

Poster, Flag, Canvas, Glass

Wall Sticker

1440dpi,Synthetic Paper, White Sticker,

Clear Sticker, One Way Vision, Fabric, Art Canvas, Backlit Trans

Corporate Image, Printing, Advertising, Marketing

Logo, Banner, Flyers, Brochure, Label, Name Card, Signage, Catalogue, Menu, Letterhead, Event, Marketing

Advertising Display
Digital Offset Print

Exhibition, Promotion, Event

Marketing Tools

T-Stand, X-Stand, Roll Up Stand, Easel Stand, Mascot Stand, LED Display, PVC Counter, Pop-up Display

Name Card, Label Sticker, Flyers, Sampul Raya

Digital Print, Offset Print, Art Paper, Artcard, Mirrorkote Sticker, White PE, Static Cling Window Sticker (Car Sticker)

Frame Canvas, Deco, Business Tools,


Ready made Product, Template, Others


Event Set Up, Decoration,

Offline Marketing

Hanging Bunting, Backdrop, Billboard, Wrapping Sticker, Wall Sticker


Special Promotion, Limited Time Only

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